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Figure 3

From: Quantifying cross-border movements and migrations for guiding the strategic planning of malaria control and elimination

Figure 3

Comparing spatial patterns of origin-specific propensities of malaria importation into Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda from neighbouring countries, based on two types of malaria endemicity estimate assumptions at origins (i) population-weighted mean Pf PR and (ii) mean Pf PR within 100 km from destination country border. Propensity of importation = number of origin-specific migrants *origin Pf PR estimate. Scale represents one standard deviation from the estimated value, divided into four categories. Country codes: TZ: Tanzania, KE: Kenya, UG: Uganda, RW: Rwanda, BU: Burundi, DRC: Democratic Republic of Congo, ZA: Zambia, MW: Malawi, MZ: Mozambique, SM: Somalia, ET: Ethiopia, SU: Sudan.

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