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Table 5 Healthcare-seeking behaviour

From: Success or failure of critical steps in community case management of malaria with rapid diagnostic tests: a systematic review

Study Intervention Control Outcome
Elmardi[27] RDT-based CCMm Comparison with pre-intervention period (no CCMm) Pre-intervention 25% of mothers of sick children <5 years would seek care within the village, after the study 64.7% would seek care within the village (p value).
Lemma[40] RDT-based CCMm Presumptive CCMm Only half the number of patients (5,123 patients) visited CHWs who performed RDT-based CCMm compared with presumptive CCMm (10,475 patients).
Tayler-Smith[15] RDT-based CCMm free of charge Health centre care, little payment was required for ACT. In two years there was an increase in number of episodes of treated malaria per child per year from 0.4 to 1.2 for CHWs, whereas it remained stable at 0.2 for health centres.