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Table 1 Evaluation of the performance of ELISA using species-specific recombinant Plasmodium proteins (RecELISA) in comparison to an ELISA using P. falciparum native antigen (NatELISA) in a population of malaria-infected travellers (n = 144): 106 Plasmodium falciparum patients; 26 Plasmodium ovale patients and 12 Plasmodium malariae patients

From: The ears of the African elephant: unexpected high seroprevalence of Plasmodium ovale and Plasmodium malariae in healthy populations in Western Africa

Species Microscopy + PCRapositive NatELISA pos RecELISA r Pf MSP1 + r Pf AMA1 pos RecELISA r Po MSP1 pos RecELISA r Pm MSP1 pos RecELISA Total pos
P. falciparum 106/144 98/106 (92.5%) 100/106 ND ND 135/144c
P. ovale 26/144 20/26 (76.9%) ND 23/26 ND  
P. malariae 12/144 11/12 (91.7%) ND ND 12/12  
Negative NDb 5/192 3/192 3/192 3/192 4/192
  1. For the calculation of specificity, blood donors not exposed to malaria (n = 192) were used exposed to malaria (n = 192) were used.
  2. aeach sample was confirmed by PCR.
  3. bND: not done. Blood donors not travelling in malaria-endemic countries were considered as negative (n = 192).
  4. cresults for the combined recombinant for the three species.