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Table 1 In-depth interview participantsself-care actions to their recent malaria episode

From: “We have become doctors for ourselves”: motives for malaria self-care among adults in southeastern Tanzania

Name Sex Age (years) First action taken Second action taken
Self-medicate/use painkiller Use AM* Use AM Nothing Laboratory diagnosis Visit health facility
Uzuri Female 26 Yes      Yes
Zed Male 26 Yes     Yes  
John Male 37 Yes    Yes   
Salome Female 66   Yes     
Xemp Male 46 Yes     Yes  
Easter Female 34   Yes     
Gift Female 51 Yes     Yes  
Kheri Female 60 Yes     Yes  
Mchome Male 50 Yes   Yes    
Barua Male 65 Yes   Yes    
Ashura Female 53 Yes   Yes    
Daima Male 65 Yes     Yes  
Kapera Male 60 Yes     Yes  
Mfuko Male 46 Yes      Yes
Cheupe Female 34 Yes     Yes  
  1. *AM: Anti-malarial medicine.