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Figure 3

From: A comparison of five malaria transmission models: benchmark tests and implications for disease control

Figure 3

A series of model comparisons. These panels describe summary data for equilibrium performance of all five models across all nine sets of parameters and initial conditions. The data displays both general trends and outliers to these trends. A. Infected human versus infected mosquito equilibrium proportions are plotted for models. B. Equilibrium values of infected humans versus entomological inoculate rate (EIR): Malaria prevalence at equilibrium is plotted against the equilibrium value of the entomological inoculate rate. The curve is given by Beier et al.[10] based on a review of field studies. C. and D. Equilibrium values of infected humans versus man-biting rate: On the left i h is plotted versus the man-biting rate for all models. On the right the Chitnis model is removed. Key: Ross(dots), Macdonald (diamonds), Anderson and May (astirisks), and McKenzie (squares), Chitnis (open circles).

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