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Figure 3

From: DDX39B (BAT1), TNF and IL6 gene polymorphisms and association with clinical outcomes of patients with Plasmodium vivax malaria

Figure 3

Genotype combinations and outcomes of malaria infection. (A) Univariate linear regression analysis of the different combination of TNF-308G > A, IL6-176G > C, DDX39B-348C > T, and DDX39B-22C > G genotypes. The odds ratios and respective 95% confidence intervals (95% CI) are shown according to each combination of genotypes compared with the other combinations. (B-C) Each symbol represents a single patient, and the lines represent medians and interquartile range. TNF and IL-6 levels in participants with the GC/CC/GG/GG combination compared with the other combinations. The data were compared using the Mann–Whitney test. P values are shown in each panel.

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