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Table 1 Parameter table

From: Towards malaria elimination in Mpumalanga, South Africa: a population-level mathematical modelling approach

Parameter Description Value Source
N Population size 4 ×106 [20]
μ Mortality Rate 105 10000 [21]
δ Natural recovery period 26 weeks [2224]
σ 1 Period between liver stage and blood stage 7 days (5-10) [2527]
σ 2 Period between blood stage and onset of gametocytemia 1 week [23, 28]
r AL elimination half-life 6 days (3-6) [29]
τ Time to seek treatment 1/2 week Expert opinion
p Proportion that receive treatment 0.95 [30, 31]
s e a s l Seasonal forcing function for locally sourced cases Derived from data [12]
s e a s f Seasonal forcing function for imported cases Derived from data [12]
β l Annual number of mosquito bites per person x proportion of bites testing positive for sporozoites 39.170 (38.894, 39.448) Estimated from model fitting process
λ f Force of imported infections 0.002163 (0.002124, 0.002202) Estimated from model fitting process
λ l Force of locally sourced infections (1vc[t]) β l × I l , u + I l , tr + I f , u + I f , tr N  
v c[t] v c c o v×v c e f f   
vccov Vector Control Coverage 0.22-0.90 Derived from data
vceff Effectiveness of vector control 0.9060 (0.8884, 0.9212) Estimated from model fitting process
  1. Table providing the values, descriptions and sources of the parameters driving the mathematical model of transmission.