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Table 4 Major themes generated from the Focus group discussions (FGD’s) and Small group interviews (SGI)

From: Feasibility of repellent use in a context of increasing outdoor transmission: a qualitative study in rural Tanzania

Major results theme  
Theme 1 Respondents were aware of the link between malaria and mosquitoes, but their knowledge on malaria aetiology and transmission was shallow. This did not however, effect their compliance with an intervention that was available free of charge.
Theme 2 Although respondents had adequate knowledge of repellents as a mosquito control tool, they preferred to use the bed net over repellents.
Theme 3 Those respondents aware of topical repellents had adequate knowledge on their proper use
Theme 4 Availability (access) and cost of repellents were major barriers to repellent use after the trial ended and repellents were no longer supplied.
Theme 5 The respondents perceived the repellents to be effective against mosquito bites, mostly in the early evenings.
Theme 6 Respondents recommended repellents be made more available and insecticides (permethrin) used to treat clothing be provided to enable self treatment.