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Figure 3

From: Environmental temperatures significantly change the impact of insecticides measured using WHOPES protocols

Figure 3

Temperature history profiles of mosquitoes allowed to acclimate to different temperatures before insecticide exposure. Larvae were reared under standard 26°C conditions. Within two days of pupation, a cohort of mosquitoes was divided in half and moved to cages at 18 or 26°C to acclimate to those temperatures for up to five days. Each half of the cohort was divided prior the insecticide exposure, to create four treatment groups based on acclimation and exposure temperatures. After being separated into WHO tubes, mosquitoes remained at exposure temperatures throughout and for 24 hours after their hour-long insecticide exposure. After 24 hours at their treatment temperature, mosquitoes exposed to permethrin were moved to 26°C for 15 minutes in order to assess recovery.

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