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Table 1 Genetic diversity estimators for pv41

From: Low genetic diversity in the locus encoding the Plasmodium vivax P41 protein in Colombia’s parasite population

n Sites Ss S Ps H θw k π
Worldwide diversity
36 1,068 17 5 12 13 0.0038 ± 0.0009 3.9 0.0037 ± 0.0006
Local diversity
30 1,115 10 1 9 10 0.0023 ± 0.0007 3.1 0.0028 ± 0.0005
  1. The estimators of genetic diversity were calculated by using the sequences obtained from the databases plus the Colombian ones (worldwide diversity) and just using those obtained in the Colombian population (local diversity).
  2. n: number of isolates, sites: total of sites analysed (excluding gaps), Ss: number of segregant sites, S: number of singleton sites, Ps: number of parsimony-informative sites, H: number of haplotypes, k: average number of nucleotide differences by sequence pairs, θw: Watterson estimator, π: nucleotide diversity per site.