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Table 4 McDonald-Kreitman test for evaluating the action of natural selection on the p41 gene

From: Low genetic diversity in the locus encoding the Plasmodium vivax P41 protein in Colombia’s parasite population

  P. vivax/P. cynomolgi P. vivax/P. knowlesi
Worldwide isolates Fixed Polymorphic NI (p-values) Fixed Polymorphic NI (p-values)
Non-synonymous substitutions 45.62 11 4.45 (0.003) 61.95 11 4.12 (0.004)
Synonymous substitutions 110.71 6 138.81 6
Colombian isolates       
Non-synonymous substitutions 46.69 8 9.65 (0.000) 63.06 8 8.80 (0.001)
Synonymous substitutions 112.65 2 138.81 2
  1. The McDonald-Kreitman test involved using the sequences obtained from the databases together with the Colombian ones (worldwide isolates), and just those obtained in the Colombian population (Colombian isolates). The data regarding divergence between species was obtained by comparing P. vivax sequences to that from two related species: P. cynomolgi and P. knowlesi. NI: neutral index.