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Figure 1

From: An agent-based model of the population dynamics of Anopheles gambiae

Figure 1

Life cycle of mosquito agents in the agent-based model. The An. gambiae mosquito life cycle consists of aquatic and adult phases. The aquatic phase consists of three aquatic stages: Egg (E), Larva (L), and Pupa (P). The adult phase consists of five adult stages: Immature adult (IA), Mate seeking (MS), Blood meal seeking (BMS), Blood meal digesting (BMD), and Gravid (G). Each oval represents a stage in the model. Permissible time transition windows from one stage to another are shown next to the corresponding stage transition arrows as rounded rectangles (e.g., 18.00-06.00). Note that adult males, once reaching MS stage, remain forever in that stage until they die; adult females cycle through obtaining blood meals (in BMS stage), developing eggs (in BMD stage), and ovipositing the eggs (in G stage) until they die. The two resource-seeking adult stages (BMS and G) are marked in red. Adapted and updated from [4].

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