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Figure 5

From: An agent-based model of the population dynamics of Anopheles gambiae

Figure 5

Impact of varying coverage (C ) with low killing (K =25%) on abundance and potentially infectious female, with hypothetical vector control interventions BMSForaging and BMDResting. (a)-(c) and (d)-(f) depict abundance and PIF, respectively. Killing K is fixed at a low level of 25%. Each column represents a specific coverage (C) for HVCIs (e.g., C = 50%). Each colour-coded plot represents a specific HVCI, with colour keys presented in the legend. The x-axis denotes simulation time (in days), and the y-axis denotes abundance or PIF. HVCIs are applied on day 100, and continued up to the end of the simulation. The warm-up period is omitted from the results

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