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Table 2 Symbols and parameters used in the core model

From: An agent-based model of the population dynamics of Anopheles gambiae

Parameter Description Unit Default value
T Ambient temperature °C 30
P FindHost Probability of a female adult to find a human host N/A 25%
P FindBloodMeal Probability of a female adult to find a blood meal N/A 100%
P FindHabitat Probability of a female adult to find an aquatic habitat N/A 25%
HC Habitat capacity N/A 1000
r Combined seasonality factor N/A 1.0
Biomass Age-adjusted biomass in a habitat N/A Dynamic
N Eggs Number of eggs in a habitat N/A Dynamic
N e One-day old equivalent larval population N/A Dynamic
N Pupae Number of pupae in a habitat N/A Dynamic
Age Cohort Common age of a cohort Day Dynamic
N LarvaePerCohort Number of larvae in an age-cohort N/A Dynamic
gcn Gonotrophic cycle number N/A Dynamic
Eggs Maximum number of eggs a female can lay N/A Dynamic
N (170, 30) Normal distribution for fecundity in the first gonotrophic cycle N/A mean =170, sd =30
Eggs Potential Potential number of eggs a female is allowed to lay N/A Dynamic
w Habitat sampling weight (within the same gonotrophic cycle) N/A 1, 2 or 3
DMR Daily mortality rate Day-1 0.1
HMR Hourly mortality rate Hour-1 0.00438
α Baseline DMR (for larvae and adults) Day-1 0.1
β Exponential mortality increase with age N/A 0.04
s Degree of mortality deceleration N/A 0.1
  1. Parameters are listed in order of appearance in the text. N/A means not applicable or not available. Dynamic means the parameter value can change within a simulation run; sd denotes standard deviation.