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Table 3 Determinants of non-use

From: Determinants of the use of insecticide-treated bed nets on islands of pre- and post-malaria elimination: an application of the health belief model in Vanuatu

Low perceived susceptibility Perceived barriers
Beliefs Islands QL QT Beliefs Islands QL QT
Dry season Am An QL QT Excessive heat Am An QL  
Perceived low mosquito density Am An QL QT Dislike of the insecticide Am An QL  
Low risk of infection Am An QL QT Inconvenience of hanging nets Am An QL QT
Perceived absence of malaria Am   OL   Nets in poor condition Am An QL QT
Disappearance of mosquitoes carrying malaria Am   QL   A lack of nets in the home Am An QL QT
     Costly services     
      Time and cost to access Am An QL  
Reductions in the numbers of malaria cases Am   QL    User charge   An QL  
  1. QL: Qualitative results (FGDs, KIIs and IDIs), QT: Quantitative results (KAP survey).
  2. Am: Ambae, An: Aneityum.