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Table 2 Definitions of housing quality used in the logistic regression model, The Gambia MIS 2010/11

From: Does socio-economic status explain the differentials in malaria parasite prevalence? Evidence from The Gambia

Building characteristics Materials used for construction
Floor Good = (Cement or tiles)
Poor = (Earth/sand, dung and palm bamboo)
Wall Good = (Bricks, cement blocks, covered adobe and other)
Poor = (Cane/palm/trunks, mud/dirt, stone with mud; and mud/krinting*)
Roof Good = (Sod, metal corrugated iron, cement concrete)
Poor = (Thatch/palm leaf)
Window Good = (having a window with at least glasses, screen, curtain, or shutters)
Poor = (No window at all or window without glasses, screen, curtain, or shutters)
  1. *Krinting is a Wolof word for woven bamboo. Walls are constructed with woven krinting and then plastered with mud in the interior and exterior.