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Figure 6

From: Epidemiology of malaria in a village in the Rufiji River Delta, Tanzania: declining transmission over 25 years revealed by different parasitological metrics

Figure 6

Clinical episodes of malaria. A) Number of clinical episodes of malaria diagnosed each month in 1993–1999 at the Nyamisati Health Clinic (bars) and rainfall patterns (solid line) averaged from data from the nearest meteorological stations of Utete, Kingupira, Kilwa Masoko, and Dar es Salaam International Airport, provided by the Tanzania Meteorological Agency; B) Incidence rate of clinical malaria by age over three observation periods 1986–1988, 1993–1995, and 1998–1999 (no data available 2010); C) Parasite densities in febrile malaria episodes over years.

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