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Table 1 Competitiveness index (C) of sterile Anopheles coluzzii males in large cages, measured with different ratios of sterile to untreated males

From: Mating competitiveness of sterile male Anopheles coluzzii in large cages

Ratio Insemination rate (%) S /N Hatch rate (%) Competitiveness index (C)
Fertile control 81.28 ± 3.11a   86.47 (Hn)  
Sterile control 67.38 ± 1.55b   18.64 (Hs)  
100:100:100 92.23 ± 1.28c 1 63.99 (Ho) 0.53 ± 0.16
300:100:100 94.83 ± 0.41c 3 55.24 (Ho)  
500:100:100 93.89 ± 1c 5 37 (Ho)  
  1. Insemination rate ± SE (%) of females as a function of the different ratios (sterile males: untreated males: virgin untreated females). Different letters (a, b, c) indicate significant differences between the ratios (Tukey’s posthoc test P < 0.05). Hn and Hs are the hatch rate from eggs of females mated with untreated (untreated control) or sterile (sterile control) males respectively. Ho is the observed egg hatch rate for each ratio and N and S as the numbers of untreated and sterile males respectively.