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Figure 1

From: Heterogeneous genetic diversity pattern in Plasmodium vivax genes encoding merozoite surface proteins (MSP) -7E, −7F and -7L

Figure 1

Schematic representation of the msp-7 family in Plasmodium vivax , P. cynomolgi and P. knowlesi . The genes flanking the msp-7 chromosome region in these three species are represented by purple boxes. The blue boxes represent P. vivax msp-7 genes, the red ones represent P. cynomolgi msp-7 genes and the yellow ones represent P. knowlesi msp-7 genes. The genes are given in alphabetical order from left to right. The dashed lines connect orthologous genes. All genes are represented to scale, but in P. cynomolgi and P. knowlesi the distance between them is not representative.

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