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Table 1 Description of interviewees in Study 1

From: Introducing the concept of a new pre-referral treatment for severely ill febrile children at community level: a sociological approach in Guinea-Bissau

Category of respondent Organization/Department Position Number
Representatives of the Health Departments at central/government level Department of Family Health Director 1
National Malaria Control Programme Director 1
National Programme For Health Development Director of national control programme for malaria, HIV and tuberculosis 1
National Programme For Health Development Responsible for cost recovery 1
Department of Primary Health Care Director 1
Department of Pharmacy and Medicines Assistant Director 1
CECOME* Director 1
Representatives of the Health Departments at regional level Regional departments of Health Oio Region Director and Assistant Director 2
CECOME* regional depot/distribution centre, Mansoa Manager 1
Representatives of International organizations and donors WHO Guinea-Bissau Head of Department of Communicable Disease Control 1
WHO Guinea-Bissau WHO representative in Guinea-Bissau 1
Médecins Du Monde Medical coordinators 2
UNFPA Guinea-Bissau Director of Department of Reproductive health 1
UNICEF Guinea-Bissau Programme Director 1
National Programme For Health Development Global Fund representative 1
Plan International Medical coordinator 1
WHO Guinea-Bissau Malaria programme director 1
Health professionals at different levels Simao Mendes National Hospital Paediatrician 1
Mansoa Regional Hospital Paediatrician 1
Farim Health Centre (Type A)** Nurse 1
Bissora Health Centre (Type B)** Nurse 1
  Health Centre (Type C)** Nurses 4
  1. *CECOME Central de Compra de Medicamentos (Central Office for Purchasing of Essential Medicines, Guinea-Bissau).
  2. **Health centre Type A, B or C: classification of primary health care centre according to activity. Level A has the most complete package of care including some surgery.