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Figure 1

From: Erratum to: disrupting rhythms in Plasmodium chabaudi: costs accrue quickly and independently of how infections are initiated

Figure 1

From Day 2 the impact of mismatch varies based on which parasite stage initiated the infection. (a) Parasite densities of infections on Day 1 post-infection. Bars show mean (±se) densities of parasites with n =39 infections. The left plot compares the route of infection either by IP (intraperitoneal injection, black bars) or IV (intravenous injection, grey bars). The middle plot compares the parasite stage used to initiate the infections, with rings (black bars) and trophozoites (grey bars). The right plot compares parasites on the same (matched, black bars) or perturbed (mismatched, grey bars) schedule as the host. Parasite stage (rings, solid lines; trophozoites, dotted lines) and whether parasites were matched or mismatched to the host schedule had significant effects on Day 2 post infection (b) and across the pre-peak phase (c). Mean (±se) densities are plotted (note for (b) the analysis required the data to be transformed). The mean (±se) amount of RBC lost hosts depended on the stage and schedule of parasites they were infected with (d). n =40 infections for (b) – (d).

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