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Table 2 Post-prandial resting behaviour of outdoor-feeding Anopheles funestus chromosomal forms in Burkina Faso (2005–2007)

From: Behavioural divergence of sympatric Anopheles funestus populations in Burkina Faso

Sample* Total Folonzo Kiribina OR 0.95 CI P
ISC/indoor 38 9 29 5.64 2.43-13.10 0.0003
PIT/outdoor 518 27 491    
  1. OR, odds ratio of post-prandial indoor resting by Folonzo versus Kiribina for outdoor-feeding An. funestus (2005–2007 season); CI, confidence interval; PIT, Muirhead-Thomson pit-shelter[30]; ISC, insecticide spray-sheet catch.
  2. *Includes only An. funestus having blood fed exclusively on cattle, based on blood meal identification.