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Figure 1

From: Analysis of the causes of spawning of large-scale, severe malarial epidemics and their rapid total extinction in western Provence, historically a highly endemic region of France (1745–1850)

Figure 1

Cassini’s map of the western Provence (1770–1776). The geographic coordinates of this map are approximately 43.15 to 44.0 N and 4.20 to 5.30 W. The three studied areas have been surrounded by a black line; they carry the name of the underlined cities (i.e., Avignon, Arles and Berre). In the south-east, the area of Arles is bounded by the western arm of the Rhone. The positions of the towns and villages of the three studied areas mentioned in the text have been postponed. As meteorological data were measured in Marseille, this city has also been labeled. Data other than names of the towns or villages are in italics. Areas identified as wetlands by Cassini were stained in light blue, but the floodplains have not been indicated to not overload the figure. This map shows the great expanses of marsh and swamplands. Adapted from [9].

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