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Table 1 Summary of published cases of severe and complicated P. ovale infection

From: Plasmodium ovale: a case of not-so-benign tertian malaria

Reference Patient age Gender Medical history Travel history Prophylaxis Time to presentation Parasitaemia WHO or other severity criteria Treatment Outcome
This case report 42 yr Male None Kalia, Guinea: 6 months ago Mozambique: 1 month ago None 1-6 months 1.4% Jaundice, respiratory distress, hypotension, incipient bleeding IV quinine, 14 days primaquine Recovered
Lee et al. [16] 31 yr Female None Ghana Mefloquine 10 months 0.1% ARDS Chloroquine, 14 days primaquine Recovered
Rojo Marcos et al. [17] 43 yr Male Hypertensive, diabetic Nigeria None N/S 6,000/μL ARDS Chloroquine, 14 days primaquine Recovered
Haydoura et al. [18] 46 yr Female Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase mutation with secondary portal vein thrombosis Acquired by transfusion N/A 1 month following transfusion 1.11% ARDS IV quinine and doxycycline, 14 days primaquine Recovered
Roze et al. [19] 24 yr Male Tuberous sclerosis Chad, Ivory Coast Doxycycline 1 year 0.1% ARDS Chloroquine then changed to quinine Recovered
Lau et al. [20] 59 yr Male None Victoria Island, Nigeria Mefloquine 6 months 0.18% ARDS, acute renal failure, metabolic acidosis Chloroquine plus primaquine, changed to quinine, then artesunate Demised
Hashimi et al. [21] 31 yr Male Previous pulmonary tuberculosis (20 years ago) Democratic Republic of Congo N/S 7 months 0.2% ARDS IV quinine Demised
Facer et al. [23] 51 yr Female N/S Ghana None 12 days 1.8% Splenic rupture None Demised
Patel et al. [24] 42 yr Male N/S South and Central Africa Hydroxychloroquine, discontinued during travel 18 months N/S Splenic rupture Chloroquine and primaquine Recovered
Cinquetti et al. [25] 34 yr Male None Senegal 2002, Ivory Coast 2004 Doxycycline 2-4 years 0.001% Splenic infarction IV quinine Recovered
  1. N/S: Not stated; N/A: not applicable; ARDS: Acute respiratory distress syndrome.