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Table 1 Symbols used in equations

From: Zooprophylaxis or zoopotentiation: the outcome of introducing animals on vector transmission is highly dependent on the mosquito mortality while searching

Symbol Definition Units
A, A a , A b , A h attraction rate constant of mosquitoes to non host animals, bait or host animals. For malaria this would be the attraction rate constants to animals, bait and humans, respectively. animal-1h-1
A bt Biting rate on animals that are not the host of the disease d1
B bt Biting rate on bait animals d-1
c vectorial capacity d-1
EIP Extrinsic Incubation Period d
EIR a inoculation rate for non host animals d-1
EIR b inoculation rate for bait animals d-1
EIR h inoculation rate for the host of the disease d-1
F Number of feeding cycles per EIP  
H bt Biting rate on the host of the disease d-1
k, k a , k h probability of a vector becoming infectious by feeding on a potentially infectious animal or human  
M f Probability of a mosquito dying following feed on bait  
M s rate at which mosquitoes die while searching for a blood meal h-1
N 0 Number of adult female mosquitoes emerging each day  
P e probability of a mosquito surviving the EIP  
P f probability of a mosquito surviving a feeding cycle  
P ov probability of a mosquito surviving from one feed to the start of the next search phase. Where feeding is linked to the gonotrophic cycle, P ov includes the probability of surving egg laying.  
Q a , Q b , Q h proportion of satiated mosquitoes which have fed on animals, bait or humans  
T f length of the feeding cycle d
T ov time from starting to feed to beginning the search for the next blood meal. Where feeding is linked to the gonotrophic cycle, oviposition occurs as part of T ov d
T s time spent searching for a feed h
T smax maximum contiguous time spent searching h
v, v a , v h probability of an infectious mosquito infecting animal or human  
X proportion of humans that are infectious  
Y a , Y b , Y h Number of animals, bait animals or humans  
ΣAY ΣAY = A h Y h + A b Y b + A a Y a , the zero order attraction rate of mosquitoes to any host, taking into account the number of each