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Table 2 Parameters for modelling endemic malaria

From: Zooprophylaxis or zoopotentiation: the outcome of introducing animals on vector transmission is highly dependent on the mosquito mortality while searching

Parameter Symbol Value
Attraction rate constant, humans A h 0.001 h-1
No. of humans Y h 100
Attraction rate constant, animals A a 0.004 h-1
No. of animals Y a 0–100
Searching-associated mortality ratea M s 0, 0.02, 0.04, 0.08 h-1
Survival through ovipositiona P ov b 0.6, 0.66, 0.72, 0.84
No. of newly emerged mosqa. No 800,880,960,1120
  1. aThese values of M s , P ov and N0 were changed concordantly so that each simulation gave the same value of P f , H bt , HI, S, Q h , c for a 1:4 ratio of animals to humans b For a three day feeding cycle, and for a negligible searching-related mortality these values correspond to an average daily survival of 0.84, 0.87, 0.90, 0.94, respectively