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Table 2 Frequencies and geometric mean levels of IFN-γ responses to PHA, LSA-1 and MSP-1 peptides by presence of P. falciparum parasitemia

From: Interferon-gamma responses to Plasmodium falciparum liver-stage antigen-1 and merozoite-surface protein-1 increase with age in children in a malaria holoendemic area of western Kenya

Condition PHA MSP-1 (aa 20–39) LSA-1, T3
Blood smear No. pos./Tot. (%)a Geo. mean (range)b No. pos./Tot (%) Geo. mean (range) No. pos./Tot (%) Geo. mean (range)
P. falciparum positive 36/36 (100) 2545.4 (164.8–6891.6) 7/32 (21.9) 145.8 (0–1245.9) 7/31 (22.6) 105.4 (0–254.3)
P. falciparum negative 12/12 (100) 1908 (231.1–4254.1) 2/9 (22.2) 28.4 (0–150.3) 2/8 (25.0) 39.0 (0–983.5)
  1. a A positive response was defined as any response ≥ 20 pg/ml above that of unstimulated cell culture supernatants and had a positive or negative blood smear. b Geometric mean cytokine levels in pg/ml. c NS = not significant. P < 0.05 considered significant, as determined by χ2 test for trend across age groups. d P < 0.05 was considered significant as determined by analysis of variance of log-transformed values across age groups.