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Table 4 Gametocyte-overexpressed Plasmodium falciparum transcripts

From: Integrative analysis of intraerythrocytic differentially expressed transcripts yields novel insights into the biology of Plasmodium falciparum

Transcript a TIGR Tentative Consensus b Gene locus name c Description of gene product Representative EST(s) d
cn298 TC6923 TC7279 TC9304 PFD0310w sexual stage-specific protein precursor BI814617 BM273325
cn156 TC6995 PFL0795c hypothetical protein BI813971 BM273682
cn144 TC7077 PF11_0525 f hypothetical protein BM273367
cn369 TC6974 PF10_0264 40S ribosomal protein, putative BI814069 BM273547
cn57 TC7312 TC7511 PFL2420w hypothetical protein BM273440
cn271 TC6963 PFB0730w DNA helicase, putative BM273418
cn291 TC6911 PF07_0029 heat shock protein 86 BI670622 BM273491
cn43 TC6936 PFL2215w actin BM273378
cn105 TC7084 PF07_0061 hypothetical protein BI936117 BM273354
cn168 TC6963 PFB0730w DNA helicase, putative BM273308
cn178 TC6987 PFI1210w hypothetical protein BM274237
cn337 TC7315 PF08_0081 hypothetical protein BM274748
cn404 TC7057 PF10_0115 QF122 antigen BM273319 BQ596378
cn46 TC7235 PFL0105w hypothetical protein BM273988 BQ577236
cn246 TC7159 PF14_0359 hypothetical protein, conserved BI814120 BM273571
cn60 TC7496 PF10_0328 hypothetical protein BM273370
cn155 TC7437 PF11_0294 e ATP-dependent phosphofructokinase, putative BM273524
cn269 TC7203 MAL6P1.306 hypothetical protein BI815038 BM273934
cn347 TC6987 PFI1210w hypothetical protein BM273395
cn19 TC7561 MAL13P1.148 P. falciparum myosin BM274131
cn683 TC7619 PFD0235c hypothetical protein BM274865
cn833 TC7170 PFL1070c endoplasmin homolog precursor, putative BI670681 BM273857
cn71 TC6893 PFL0105w hypothetical protein BM274046
cn93 TC7763 PF11_0460 hypothetical protein BM273313
cn165 TC7103 PF13_0165 hypothetical protein BI670714 BM273638
cn288 TC7304 PF10_0165 DNA polymerase delta catalytic subunit BM274252
cn685 TC7766 PF11_0331 t-complex protein 1, alpha subunit, putative BM273631
cn717 TC7621 PF10_0115 QF122 antigen BM273917
cn737 TC8144 PFL1395c hypothetical protein BM273513
cn832 TC7423 PFI0460w hypothetical protein BM273947
cn49 TC7047 PF10_0242 hypothetical protein BM274006 BQ597262
cn248 TC7431 PFD0685c chromosome associated protein, putative BI936055 BM274686
cn326 TC7394 PFC0570c hypothetical protein BM273462 BU496460
cn750 TC7788 PF10_0256 hypothetical protein BM273642 BQ452171
cn945 TC7533 PFA0460c tubulin-specific chaperone a, putative BM273558 BQ451292
cn982 TC7573 MAL6P1.48 hypothetical protein, expressed BI814116 BM273303
cn681 TC7652 PFE0845c 60S ribosomal subunit protein L8, putative BM273443 BU495298
cn805 TC7301 MAL13P1.120 splicing factor, putative BI815872 BM274487
  1. a Transcript generated by stackPACK 2.2. b TIGR Tentative Consensus correlated with transcript available at c Gene can be viewed at d EST can be retrieved at e Gene involved in glycolysis. f Apicoplast-targeted gene.