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Table 6 Gametocyte-overexpressed Plasmodium falciparum genes with correlated protein expression in two proteomic studies

From: Integrative analysis of intraerythrocytic differentially expressed transcripts yields novel insights into the biology of Plasmodium falciparum

Gene locus name Description of gene product Protein expression binary accession a
Florens et al. [20]b Lasonder et al. [21]c
PFA0460c tubulin-specific chaperone a, putative 0001 011
PFD0310w sexual stage-specific protein precursor 0011 111
PFD0685c chromosome associated protein, putative 0101 010
PFE0845c 60S ribosomal subunit protein L8, putative 0111 111
PF07_0029 heat shock protein 86 1111 111
PF10_0165 DNA polymerase delta catalytic subunit 0111 010
PF10_0242 hypothetical protein 0111 111
PF10_0264 40S ribosomal protein, putative 0111 111
PF11_0294 ATP-dependent phosphofructokinase, putative 0001 011
PF11_0331 t-complex protein 1, alpha subunit, putative 1111 111
PF11_0525 hypothetical protein 1001 010
PFL0795c hypothetical protein 0001 011
PFL1070c endoplasmin homolog precursor, putative 1111 111
PFL2215w actin 1111 111
PF14_0359 hypothetical protein, conserved 0111 111
  1. a Evidence of expression: 0, no evidence; 1, with evidence. b 4-digit binary accession for protein expression evidence in sporozoite, merozoite, trophozoite and gametocyte. c 3-digit binary accession for protein evidence in trophozoite/schizont, gametocyte and gametes.