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Table 1 P. falciparum proteins containing binding sequences specific for human erythrocyte membrane proteins spectrin and protein 4.1 P. falciparum phage display libraries were biopanned against spectrin and protein 4.1. This allowed for the identification of seven in-frame parasite sequences that were subsequently mapped to annotated proteins in PlasmoDB.

From: Construction and use of Plasmodium falciparum phage display libraries to identify host parasite interactions

PlasmoDB V 4.1 identification Predicted function Amino acid position of spectrin/ protein 4.1 binding sequences
MAL13P1.278 putative serine/ threonine kinase 786–815
MAL6P1.145 putative phosophotransferase 28–77
PFI1570c putative aminopeptidase 216–245
PFA0125c putative Ebl-1 like protein 971–1001
PFL1130c hypothetical protein 3713–3742
PF13_0071 hypothetical protein 209–273
PF14_0201 hypothetical protein 801–860