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Figure 1

From: Statics and dynamics of malaria infection in Anopheles mosquitoes

Figure 1

Mosquito survivorship and age-at-infection. Using parameter values from Killeen, et al., (1999), mosquito survivorship λ(A) is plotted from Equation 1 (squares), the proportion of surviving mosquitoes that are infectious, μ(A) from Equation 2 (diamonds), and the proportion of the original cohort that is alive and infectious λ(A)μ(A) ((triangles) note the units are given on a separate axis). The corresponding values from a cyclical feeding model are plotted, assuming that a mosquito with parity τ has chronological age A/f. The discrepancies between this algorithm and the one used by Killeen, et al. are explained in Appendix 2.

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