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Figure 2

From: Statics and dynamics of malaria infection in Anopheles mosquitoes

Figure 2

Classic relationships between EIR or R 0 and the proportion of humans with parasitemia. The relationship between EIR and the proportion of infectious humans, , is plotted to illustrate the shape of the curve, assuming a human infectious period of 100 days (r = 0.01) and transmission efficiency to humans of 50% (b = 0.5). At this rate, 50% of the human population is infectious with a yearly EIR of 7.3 infectious bites. The relationship between R0 and the proportion of infectious humans, , is also plotted assuming a human feeding rate of 3 human bites every ten days (a = 0.3), a transmission efficiency to mosquitoes of 50% (c = 0.5), and an average mosquito lifespan of about 10 days (g = 0.1). Note that = 0 unless R0 > 1.

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