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Figure 3

From: Statics and dynamics of malaria infection in Anopheles mosquitoes

Figure 3

Revisiting Kaduna. The statics for a cohort of mosquitoes are plotted using parameter values from Kaduna and the algorithm described by Killeen, et al., with δ rounded to the next lowest integer (using + for the proportion of a cohort that survives and the downward pointing triangles for the proportion of an original cohort that is alive and infectious). Also plotted are the lower values where δ was rounded to the next highest integer (using – or an upward pointing triangle). Killeen et al. (1999) use a linear approximation for the proportion of infectious mosquitoes; the approximation is bad in some circumstances. In this case, it predicts that > 100% of mosquitoes are infected, after about 50 days. For comparison, the age-specific survivorship and the probability infection for Kaduna are replotted, as in Figure 1 (lines).

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