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Table 2 P. falciparum genes expressed in vivo encoded by chromosome 2. In vivo transcripts from the Nigerian sample were defined as present as compared to uninfected blood control hybridization. Asterisk (*) denotes transcripts that were also detected in a Senegal derived blood sample. Genes in bold are uniquely expressed in vivo and were not found to be expressed in the previously reported 3D7 ring stage transcriptome. Gene locus is from PlasmoDB 4.1

From: In vivo transcriptional profiling of Plasmodium falciparum

gene locus description gene locus description
membrane proteins cellular function
PFB0120w* etramps 2 PFB0175c* prt of the MAK16 family
PFB0405w* transmission blocking target antigen PFB0205c prt with 5'-3' exonucl. domain
PFB0015c rifin PFB0210c monosaccharide transporter
PFB0025c rifin PFB0265c* RAD2 endonucl.
PFB0035c rifin PFB0295w* adenylosuccinate lyase (OO)
PFB1010w* rifin PFB0380c phosphatase (acid phosphatase family)
PFB1020w* rifin PFB0390w* ribosome releasing factor (OO, TP)
PFB1035w* rifin PFB0410c* phospholipase A2-like a/b fold hydrolase
PFB1050w* rifin PFB0445c elF-4A-like DEAD family RNA helicase
PFB0330c SERA antigen/papain-like protease PFB0510w GAF domain prt
PFB0340c SERA antigen/papain-like protease PFB0525w asparaginyl-tRNA synthetase (OO, TP)
PFB0345c* SERA antigen/papain-like protease PFB0585w Leu/Phe-tRNA prt transferase
PFB0355c* SERA antigen/papain-like protease PFB0595w* prt with DnaJ domain, DNJ1/SIS1 family
PFB0360c SERA antigen/papain-like protease PFB0760w Mtn3/RAG1IP-like prt
PFB0095c membrane protein, PfEMP3 PFB0795w ATP synthase alpha chain
PFB0975c PfEMP1 fragment PFB0815w* calcium-dept. prt kinase
PFB1045w Pf EMP1 fragment PFB0875c chromatin-binding prt (SKI/SNW family)
PFB1055c PfEMP1 (var gene) hypothetical proteins  
PFB0085c* prt with DnaJ domain (RESA-like) PFB0135c hypothetical protein
PFB0100c* knob-associated His-rich prt PFB0490c* hypothetical protein
PFB0300c merozoite surface antigen MSP-2 PFB0575c hypothetical protein
PFB0475c predicted multiple-TM membrane prt PFB0580w hypothetical protein
PFB0770c* predicted multiple-TM membrane prt PFB0630c hypothetical protein
PFB0125c predicted membrane associated prt PFB0705w hypothetical protein
PFB0735c predicted integral membrane protein PFB0745w hypothetical protein
PFB0275w* membrane transporter PFB0870w hypothetical protein
PFB0465c membrane transporter other  
   PFB0675w predicted secreted protein
   PFB0990c predicted secreted protein