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Table 1 Numbers of total cells and PRBCs purified by three methods.

From: One-step concentration of malarial parasite-infected red blood cells and removal of contaminating white blood cells

Purification method No. of total cells (cells/μl) No. of PRBCs (PRBCs/μl) Percentage of PRBCs to total cells
Percoll 36,550 34,546 97
Nycodenz 54,750 49,275 90
Magnetic 54,500 53,410 98
  1. The erythrocyte suspension (10%) was prepared from 0.8 ml of blood infected with malarial parasite (5–10% parasitaemia) as described in Materials and Methods. Three ml of 10% erythrocyte suspension was withdrawn, divided into three equal parts (1 ml each), and used in the three methods to concentrate PRBCs. After purification, the PRBC-enriched samples were suspended in 1 ml PBS. The numbers of total cells after concentration were recorded using a haemocytometer, and the number of PRBCs were determined by Field's stain. The results are representative of 3 different infected blood samples.