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Table 3 Estimated haplotype frequencies of IL1B -31C>T and IL1RA VNTR polymorphisms in Thai malaria patients.

From: A functional polymorphism in the IL1B gene promoter, IL1B -31C>T, is not associated with cerebral malaria in Thailand

Haplotypea Mild malaria Cerebral malaria Association P-valueb
-31C - 2c 0.042 0.046 0.60
-31T - 2 0.072 0.084  
-31C - 4 0.432 0.454  
-31T - 4 0.443 0.414  
  1. aOnly haplotypes with the estimated haplotype frequency of more than 0.01 were presented.
  2. bP-value was calculated by a likelihood ratio test.
  3. cIt should be noted here that allele with n repeats of VNTR is designated as "n" in this table.