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Table 1 Study design and methodology of RUMA.

From: Rapid urban malaria appraisal (RUMA) in sub-Saharan Africa

Key measures Epidemiological measures Spatial relationships Individual variations Institutional factors
Methodology Age-specific morbidity and mortality rates Fraction of malaria-attributable fevers Overall endemicity Gradient of malaria risk Environmental risks Travelling history Socio-economic factors Bednet usage Treatment strategy Public/private partnership Coverage of treatment providers Degree of drug resistance
1. Literature review x   x x x   x x x    x
2. Collection of health statistics x   x      x x    x
3. Risk mapping     x x       x  
4. School parasitaemia survey    x x x x x x x    
5. Health facility-based fever survey x x   x x x x x x    
6. Brief description of the health care system           x x x