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Table 2 Budget categories.

From: Rapid urban malaria appraisal (RUMA) in sub-Saharan Africa

Type of cost Categories Valuation Information source
Human resources Project staff
Health sector staff
Gross salary
Per diem
Salary slips or personnel records from the project office
Transportation Project vehicles, petrol and maintenance
Taxi, motorbike and bus Shipping and packaging
Petrol and maintenance of vehicles based on vehicle logbook
Actual expenditure Freight cost
Bills and receipts
Tickets and receipts Invoices
Communication Postage and telephone bills   Bills or contract documents
Stationery Office maintenance cost
Survey materials
Photocopies Lap top and printer use
Actual expenditure for items Agreement with site
Agreement and receipts
Standard local cost
Agreement with site
Laboratory materials & drugs for treatment   International trade good price Invoices
Other items    Bills and receipts
Administration Rent of project office, computer and vehicles   Agreement with site