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Table 2 Household WTP estimates

From: The economic value of an improved malaria treatment programme in Zambia: results from a contingent valuation survey

Statistic Estimate US $
Mean WTP 46.67 (ZAM K233,380.02)
Median 35.92 (ZAM K179,624.92)
Aggregate WTPa 77,076,666.30
Aggregate WTPb 56,794,956.07
Per capitaa 7.08
Per capitab 5.22
% GDPa 1.8
  1. Exchange rate: US$ 1 = ZMK5,000 based on foreign exchange bureau rate that prevailed in much of 2002–3
  2. Notes: superscripts a, b represent per capita WTP based on mean WTP and median WTP respectively.
  3. According to [17], the median is calculated as .