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Table 2 Budget breakdown of the Kalajatha programme

From: A community-based health education programme for bio-environmental control of malaria through folk theatre (Kalajatha) in rural India

Grant provided by the State Health Department, Government of Karnataka towards honorarium for 30 artists; local transport from their houses to the PHC head quarter; wardrobes; event management and incidental expenditures for two organisers from Community Health Cell
Approximate amount received in kind:
Kuppur Mutt for in-house one-week training of the artists
Taluka Health Office for providing transport facility from PHC to the respective villages for 15 days
Gram Panchayat s for providing refreshments
National Institute of Malaria Research, Bangalore
Total amount spent to cover 58 villages (population 28253) was INR 85000.00 Per capita cost was INR 3.0 (US$ 0.064); 1 US$ = INR 47.