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Table 1 Comparison between the FRET/MCA and the AS-PCR Agd5. The AS-PCR Agd5 only detects the East African kdr mutation (L1014S).

From: Detection of the East and West African kdr mutation in Anopheles gambiae and Anopheles arabiensis from Uganda using a new assay based on FRET/Melt Curve analysis

Species AS-PCR Agd5 FRET/MCA
An. gambiae s.s. S/S 121    
  S/RE 3 113 1  
  RE/RE   6 38 4
  negative 2 2   
An. arabiensis S/S 181    
  S/RE   2   
  1. S: Wild type allele (L1014L)
  2. RE: Resistant allele, East African mutation (L1014S)
  3. RW: Resistant allele, West African mutation (L1014F)