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Table 1 Exercises on mosquito biology, ecology and management which were added to the agricultural topics of the Farmer Field School curriculum.

From: The Farmer Field School: a method for enhancing the role of rural communities in malaria control ?

Exercise Methods Purpose
1 Agro-ecosystem analysis Comprehensive sampling of the crop ecosystem (using soup spoons, visual counts, plant measurements, etc.) and visual presentation and analysis To monitor the agro-ecosystem and make context-specific decisions on necessary action related to crop production and human health
2 Mosquito breeding habitat Dipper sampling in, and characterization of, various aquatic habitats of mosquito genera To study where different mosquito genera breed
3 Adult mosquito sampling Collecting adult mosquitoes at different times and habitats and identify major genera, i.a. using home-made aspirators To monitor potential disease vectors and their activity
4 Mosquito lifecycle Rearing of young larvae in water jar covered with mesh To understand the relation between maggot, pupae and adult, and the development time
5 Mosquito identification Observing larval behaviour and adult characteristics To distinguish Anopheles, Aedes and Culex in the larval and adult stage
6 Predation Exposing larvae or pupae to a range of arthropods inside jars To understand the role of predators in controlling mosquito developmental stages
7 Analogy on disease cycle Role play on the cycle of the parasite through human and mosquito hosts To understand the role of the vector and the human reservoir
8 Agricultural methods to suppress mosquito breeding Alternate wet-dry irrigation of study field plots; land levelling at planting To study how farmer practices influence mosquito breeding and crop development
9 Source reduction Farmer action to drain or fill water bodies, including in the peri-domestic environment To practice measures to contain vector breeding
10 Mapping Drawing map of village environment with water bodies, crops, houses, etc. To facilitate planning for coordinated action on environmental management