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Table 2 Primer pairs and restriction enzymes used for the identification of each pfcytb codon 268 polymorphism.

From: Detection of atovaquone-proguanil resistance conferring mutations in Plasmodium falciparum cytochrome b gene in Luanda, Angola

Codon 268 Type Primer pair Product size (bp) Restriction enzyme Restriction pattern Fragment length (bp)
  Outer PCR OD ; OR 716    
TAT Wild type OD ; WtR 600 Mph1103-I Cuts Wt, T802A 570 (+30)
AAT T802A 802D; 802R 146 Dra-I Cuts T802A 104 (+42)
TCT A803C 803D; OR 173 Cai-I Cuts A803C 148 (+25)
  1. Wt: wild type; bp: base pairs; D: direct primer; R: reverse primer.