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Table 2 Double blind trial to compare results SSOP-ELISA for kdr genotyping to results of standard multiplex PCR methods using control strains of known genotype (L, Dondotha/R70; F, VKPR; S, RSP) as individuals or in mixtures.

From: Occurrence of the leucine-to-phenylalanine knockdown resistance (kdr) mutation in Anopheles arabiensis populations in Tanzania, detected by a simplified high-throughput SSOP-ELISA method

Test Sample Genotype results by method
Genotype(Strain) SSOP-ELISA Multiplex PCR
   East African kdr1 West African kdr2
L(Dond)+F(VKPR) L/F L L/X
L(Dond)+S(RSP) L/S X/S L
F(VKPR) F -- F
field sample L L L
S(RSP) S S --
L(Dond) L L L
L(R70)+F(VKPR) L/F L L/F
L(R70)+S(RSP) L/S X/S L
L(R70) L L L
F(VKPR) F -- F
S(RSP) S S --
  1. 1method of Ranson et al. (2000); L = susceptible band present, S = kdr band present
  2. 2method of Martinez-Torres et al. (1998); L = susceptible band present, F = kdr band present
  3. -- = band absent (genotype does not correspond to kdr-specific detection method)
  4. X = band absent (genotype not detected by corresponding method)