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Figure 3

From: An elaborated feeding cycle model for reductions in vectorial capacity of night-biting mosquitoes by insecticide-treated nets

Figure 3

Effect of bednet coverage in EIR values for various human prevalence levels. EIR as a function of φ at low (a) and high (b) transmission intensities and as a function of vectorial capacity at low (c) and high (d) transmission intensities for Anopheles gambiae in Tanzania. The solid line gives the immediate reduction in EIR due to the reduction in vectorial capacity. The blue line shows the reduction in the prevalence of malaria infection (X(φ), computed with the classical model for b = 0.8, 1/r = 200 days, and c = 0.8 [11,13,19]. The dashed line shows the eventual reduction in EIR after the reductions in malaria prevalence take effect (probably after a few years)

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