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Table 4 Comparison of time and cost for conducting each malaria diagnosis assay

From: Comparison of three molecular methods for the detection and speciation of Plasmodium vivax and Plasmodium falciparum

Diagnosis Method Cost Per Sample (USD) Set Up Costs (USD) Preparation & Post amplification (min) Slide examination/or Thermal cycling (min) Total time (min)
Microscopy 0.27 3,770 15 10 25
Multiplex PCR 6.28 36,028 240 360 600
Nested PCR 7.84 36,028 270 425 695
Real-time PCR 8.76 31,031 150 120 270
  1. Prices are for products bought in Australia and Thailand and are converted to US dollars (USD). Prices include all consumables and equipment to carry out the procedures. These are the approximate times required to perform the speciation of a single sample, including DNA extraction for molecular techniques.