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Figure 6

From: Standardizing estimates of the Plasmodium falciparum parasite rate

Figure 6

The graphs plot a subset of 87 PfPR estimates (i.e. PR1) in the testing set that were already standard (i.e. L1 ≥ 2 and U1 ≤ 10) and the predicted PfPR using either the PfPR pair (i.e. PR2, left) or the selected standardization algorithm (right). The dashed lines show the cutoffs for the classical categories [18]. The colors highlight properly classified hypoendemic (blue), mesoendemic (grey), and hyperendemic (orange) populations, as well as misclassified populations. Some mesoendemic populations were misclassified as hypoendemic (green) and some hyperendemic populations were misclassified as mesoendemic (orange). After standardizing, a few populations were mistakenly misclassified moved from hypoendemic to mesoendemic (cyan), or from mesoendemic to hyperendemic (tan). In sum, the PfPR would have been misclassified by the paired estimate (i.e. PR2) in 33/87 cases (38%). Using the selected Pull & Grab modified algorithm, the standardized values were misclassified in 16/87 cases (18%).

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