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Figure 4

From: Sequence analysis of Plasmodium falciparum cytochrome b in multiple geographic sites

Figure 4

Phylogenetic relationship among 20 Pfcytb alleles from various geographical origin. The tree was estimated using the Phylip DNAdist program and the neighbour-joining method (100 replications), and drawn using Drawtree software. Among the various Pfcytb haplotypes previously published, only those corresponding to a natural polymorphism of the gene (i.e. not selected under atovaquone pressure) were considered for the phylogenetic analysis. The 3D7 sequence >gi|31789515|gb|AY282930 was used as reference. The haplotypes were as follows: Nga1: G757A [40]; Nga2: T802A, Nga3: C796A [38]; Sen1: G160C, Sen2: G209A, Mali1: T918A, Mali2: T1086A, Ben1: A126T, Com: C234T, Burk1: C1059T, RCA1: C90T [21]; Kh1: A126T, Kh2: C793T, FG1: C688T, FG2:A126T/A165C, FG3:A4G/A20T/A1024C; FG4:A20T/T341C/C688T (this paper); Ind1: T273C/A377T/C494G/A861T/T862A/T929A, Ind2: C6T/T8A/C12T/A275G, Ind3: C6T/T8A/C12T/A275G/T977C [36]. Codes used for countries: Senegal: Sen, Comoro islands: Com, India: Ind, Central Africa: RCA, Mali, Nigeria: Nga, French Guiana: FG, Benin: Ben, Burkina Faso: Burk, Kh: Cambodia.

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