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Table 1 Genotyping results of the Duffy Blood Group System in 642 individuals (donors and patients infected with Plasmodium vivax) from Brazilian Amazon region.

From: Duffy blood group gene polymorphisms among malaria vivax patients in four areas of the Brazilian Amazon region

Genotype result nt 125 FYA/FYB Donors/Patients nt 265 FYBWKor FYX GATA (n) FYBESor FY0 or FYB-33 Predicted Phenotype Donors/Patients
FYA/FYA G/G 43/51 C/C T/T  
FYA/FY X G/A 03/05 C/T T/T Fy(a+b-) n = 108/90
FYA/FYB-33 G/A 62/34 C/C T/C  
FYA/FYB G/A 90/109 C/C T/T Fy(a+b+) n = 90/109
FYB/FYB A/A 54/63 C/C T/T  
FYB/FY X A/A 06/04 C/T T/T Fy(a-b+) n = 114/109
FYB/FYB-33 A/A 54/42 C/C T/C  
FY X / FY X A/A 00/02 T/T T/T Fy(a-b-) n = 18/04
FYB-33/FYB-33 A/A 18/02 C/C C/C  
Total 330/312