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Figure 1

From: Plasmodium vivax: paroxysm-associated lipids mediate leukocyte aggregation

Figure 1

Cell aggregation-inducing effect of plasma samples. Blood samples were collected for plasma before, during and after paroxysm from non-immune Plasmodium vivax-infected patients, healthy individuals, non-malarial fever patients and from malaria patients resident in an endemic area (malaria semi-immune individuals); plasmas from these blood samples were tested for their ability to induce white blood cell aggregation in vitro. (p < 0.001: Kruskal Wallis test; p values of post hoc significance (Mann Whitney U test) are indicated in the text). NHP: Normal Human Plasma; PRP: Pre Paroxysm plasma; PP: Paroxysm Plasma; POPP: Post Paroxysm Plasma; NMFP: Non Malarial Fever Plasma; EPP: Endemic Paroxysm Plasma

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